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CheerCarry (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is an international advertising marketing and cloud communication company, has been focusing on mobile communication services for many years, providing international SMS, international voice, global number, WhatsApp Business, Viber Business and other more cost-effective value-added services. Headquartered in Nanshan, Shenzhen, we hope to promote international advertising business easily and efficiently by establishing advanced technical group resources, aiming to help more enterprises and customers connect the world.


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Do you struggle with reaching your customers, partners or employees at any point of time? Ever required sending notification alerts, authentications or promotional campaigns but failed to deliver?

Send / Receive Anywhere

Do you want to expand the reach of your messages both locally and globally regardless of where you are?

Track information important to you

Our Dashboard provides important statistics for your own tracking and monitoring of your campaigns




Manage all your customer interactions in one reliable place


Grow your business with an adaptable communications platform


Connect to customers worldwide through our extensive network


Protect your brand with top-tier, advanced security features

Why Choose Us

As a mobile communications company, there are several reasons why customers should choose us

Coverage and network quality

We offer extensive network coverage with reliable signal strength and fast data transmission speeds in your area.

Competitive pricing and flexible plans

We provide competitive prices and a variety of flexible plans to suit different customer needs, ensuring transparency and offering additional services.

Strong reputation and positive feedback

Our company is renowned for its strong brand reputation, industry expertise, and years of experience.

Excellent customer service and support

Our dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist with inquiries and provide technical support promptly, ensuring a positive customer experience.


services offer an expansive coverage over a secure network whilst providing excellent speeds.


laaS-Level Cloud Computing

nfrastructure as a Service (laas) Cloud ComputincService with 2-way CN2+BGP access speeds offerexcellent performance, stability and reliability, and elasticexpansion.

Global Network Coverage

Extensive Global Reach to customers in Any Time-Zone througlSMs. Voice or WhatsApp. Over 800 wide-ranging networks alsoenables multiple routing options according to desired needs.


Compliant in respective countries to deliver unobstructedaccess to customers. Participating in the sGNIC SenderlDRegistry and an IMDA SBO licensee, providing you a peace-ofmind.

Notarize Your Documents Online. Anytime.

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Frequently Ask Questions

When you send a text or SMS to another country, the cost depends on whether the phone you are sending messages to, is in another country roaming, or if it originates from the country being texted. There is no extra charge to send a text message to a phone that is roaming in another country, but if the SIM originates in another country charges will apply. Messages are charged per network / destination, costs may vary on messages sent internationally.

You can request your required Sender ID through your assigned Account Manager. Micro Cloud recommends using the already existing optimized sender IDs, which are pre-registered for each market. This ensures that your verification SMS will not be confused as marketing or spam with carriers across the globe and reach your users without fail.

Yes, you can use pre-recorded audio in multiple formats, including WAV and MP3.Pre-recorded messages can be used on a IVR scenario, when you want to play messages in a menu scenario instead of using TTS, and it can also be used on a callout scenario, when the customer want to trigger a call to a destination number, and play a message directly, such as a PIN code for a OTP (One Time Password) call.

Calling Line Identifiers (CLI) can be used in conjunction with a purchased DID (Direct Inward Dialing service). If we do not have a DID in your region, then we can acquire one for you.

Messaging limits determine how many users your business can send messages to on a daily basis. This includes new conversations as well as existing conversations with users. The messaging limit does NOT limit the number of messages your business can send, just the number of users you are trying to send messages to. It also does NOT apply to messages sent in response to a user-initiated message within a 24-hour period.

This allows numbers to be verified without any user interaction at all or for web application verification with minimal user interaction. It works by placing a dropped call to the recipient where the incoming call number is the OTP code, equivalent to the OTP code in an SMS. The code can be processed automatically on Android for a seamless user experience. It is recommended that you do not rely solely on flash call verification and that you should try flash call first and if flash call fails you can automatically fall back to SMS or you can allow the end-user to start SMS-fallback.

Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.

We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time. Chat to our friendly team for more information.